Exceptional Student Education at LNMS

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Options

Eligibility for ESE services and individual need is taken into consideration when scheduling an ESE student.

ESE Eligibility and ESE Programs are described in the
Special Programs and Procedures for Exceptional Students Document
which is approved by the Florida Department of Education.

Please refer to the Orange County website directory for
ESE Vision, Mission, and Assurances.

If a student is eligible for ESE Services, the team will develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) so you will know what services the school is offering to your student. Likewise, IEP goals, accommodations, and services needed for student success will also be determined collectively by the IEP team.
The following class schedule options can be considered for any Lake Nona Middle School student.
~Service delivery model listed below is subject to change.

Exceptional Student Education Program Options:

Option #1:
Students attend and participate daily in a self-contained classroom taught by an Exceptional Education Teacher. Students follow Access Points where standards are embedded to reflect the core intent of the benchmark with reduced levels of complexity. The new Florida Alternate Assessment will measure student achievement on the access points in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science. This modified curriculum is based on student’s present level and follows the student’s IEP goals. In addition, students may participate in Modified or Regular Physical Education and school electives. Personal Social/Emotional Skills training and Behavior Implementation Plans are based on specific student need and determined by the IEP team.

Option #2:
The student’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance will demonstrate their ability to attend and participate in grade-level core subjects such as math, language arts, reading, science and social studies within the general education classroom with accommodations on a daily basis. *An ESE certified teacher will offer support facilitation in math & language arts classes. A Learning Strategies class may be part of the student's schedule. Students can participate in physical education and school electives. Personal Social/Emotional Skills training and Behavior Implementation Plans are based on specific student need and determined by the IEP team.
Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy: Itinerant services available based on eligibility, educational relevance, data/observations and IEP team recommendation.

Monthly Consultation: Consultative support with accommodations in the General Education classroom based on student’s present level and IEP goals.

Gifted 6th/7th/8th Grade Options: Honors &/or Advanced Placement (AP) Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students Gifted Educational Plans (EP) curriculum and learning goals are embedded within the Social Studies classes.

FSA Scores/End Of Course Exam scores, classroom performance, teacher recommendation and Gifted Educational Plan will determine class assignment.

OCPS Feeder Schools for Special Program Needs:
• Autism Spectrum Disorder- Odyssey Middle School
• Hearing Impaired- Blankner School
• Physically Impaired- Union Park Middle School
• Significant Cognitive Disabilities (PMH)- Union Park Middle School
• Severely Emotionally Handicapped- Gateway School
• Nursing need- Union Park Middle School

* Programs listed above are subject to change.