Welcome to the Lake Nona Guidance Department

The Guidance department is the headquarters for student services. Guidance counselors can assist you in picking classes, signing up for tests, researching scholarships, and preparing for graduation and beyond.

8th Grade: Veronica Pragel, [email protected]

7th Grade: Virgina.Valdes, [email protected]

6th Grade: Jennifer D'Amico, [email protected]

504  Plans/Accommodations:  Jarelis Haigler, [email protected]

Notes from your school counselors. 
For all scheduling changes please use the link below from August 14-23. 

Please read below for important information regarding scheduling changes:
· We cannot honor schedule change requests for teacher preference
· When making schedule changes to add/change an elective this could result in a change in the order of your child's classes and teachers. All changes are final; we cannot change a child's schedule back to the original schedule.
· Requests will be handled in the order in which they were received, with core academic requests being handled prior to elective requests. This process can take up to two weeks.
· If we are able to change your child's schedule they will receive a new copy as soon as it is completed.
· If we cannot change your child's schedule we will notify you via email. If we are unable to change your child's schedule it is because it was not possible due to state mandates for other class sizes, class availability and/or your child's other academic requirements.

Link for schedule change requests: 

Click here for form

 2023-2024 7th and 8th Course Selection Presentation

LNHS Incoming 9th Grade 2023.pdf

2023_Incoming 6th Grade Course Registration Night Presentation