Sun Games

 Our Annual Sun Games is here! Sun Games is a school-wide event where students plan and construct a project that utilizes renewable energy. Information about student teams has been dispersed through student's science classes. Students are to select their team members and identify which event they would like to begin their Design Notebook on. Please note, the Design Notebook DOES NOT require any building or purchasing of components. The Design Notebook is simply a planning phase for the students to fully articulate the blueprints for their projects. Only after scoring has been done for the Design Notebooks will students that received a 90% or higher move on to begin constructing their projects.

Students may also opt to not participate in any of the offered Sun Games events and complete a Research Paper about renewable energy instead. Please feel free to reach out to your student's science teacher if you have any questions.

It is an expectation that students participate in the Sun Games events if they receive a 90% or higher on their Design Notebooks.

SUN GAMES Students Timeline 2019

Copy of Teamsheet2019

Alternative Energy Paper Assignment 2019

Critter Cottage Design Notebook Check

Energy Transfer Machine Design Notebook Check

Solar Car Design Notebook Check

Solar Cooker Design Notebook Check

Solar Cooker   Critter Cottage Star Wars themed  Solar Cooker
Critter cottage with team standing behind

Solar Games Solar Car
Food cooked in  solar cooker
Good cooked in solar cooker
Food prepared in a solar cooker
Food from solar cooker
Team standing with their solar cooker