Lake Nona Middle School Media Center

Student Expectations and Policies

The Media Center Staff is here to assist you so that you have a positive, productive session each time you visit us. If you are having difficulty navigating Destiny, locating materials or searching for reliable and relevant Internet resources for your project, please ask for help; that’s why we’re here.We will give you the tools you need to be successful!

Media Center Visitation

  • The Media Center is open before school starting at 9:00 AM
  • The Media Center is also open after school until 4:15
  • Students may check out or return books during the school day with a pass from their teacher or with a pass from an administrator during lunch. (10/10 rule applies: no passes are given during the first or last 10 minutes of the period)

Student Visits

  • Students visiting the Media Center without your class you MUST have a pass.
  • Administrators on duty will give out passes during lunch periods.
  • Students who make poor choices will be sent back to class and notification of the behavior will be sent to the teacher and/or Dean via e-mail or phone call.

Student Expectations

  • Enter and exit calmly and quietly through the designated double doors at the front of the Media Center. The back door is only an Emergency Exit.
  • Return books by placing them into the Book Drop located in the Circulation Desk.
  • Students must follow the OCPS Code of Conduct and Internet Policies at all times.
  • Always WALK; running or goofing around is inappropriate, dangerous and will NOT be tolerated.
  • POSITIVE BEHAVIOR IS ALWAYS EXPECTED. Respect other patrons, materials and technology while visiting the Media Center.
  • Students visiting the Media Center are here to check books out, read, work on assignments, study for tests, or work on the computers.
  • Eating or drinking (including candy and gum) is NOT permitted in the Media Center.
  • Any books used or taken off the shelves while in the Media Center need to be turned in to the Book Drop at the Circulation Desk or place on any of the Book Carts around the Media Center that are designated as “BOOK RETURN” carts.
  • Come prepared by bringing paper, pencil and assignment.
  • One person per chair. All chairs must be pushed under the table before leaving.
  • The area where you were working or reading should be cleaned up before leaving the Media Center.
  • Pay attention to the clock/time. Late passes will NOT be given out just because you lost track of time.

Consequences for not Adhering to Expectations

  • Verbal Warning and Teacher notified via phone or e-mail
  • 1 week loss of privilege from visiting the Media Center
  • Parent Contact
  • Referral
  • Detention

Student Checkout Policies

  • Students must have their LNMS Student ID/Badge in order to check out a library book.  
  • All library books are checked out through Destiny, the OCPS Management System. Destiny keeps track of all materials and obligations from any Orange County Public School that you have attended.
  • Students may check out two books at a time provided they have any overdue materials or excessive outstanding obligations/fines.
  • Library Books may be checked out for two weeks.
  • Once you have located the book/s you are interested in bring them to the Circulation Desk and give your LNMS ID/Badge and books to the staff member, volunteer or student assistant at the desk. Your items will be scanned, a due date card will be placed in the back of each book as a reminder of when the book is due and an important part of our inventory system. The books will then be returned to you. Never leave your library books unattended. Please remember that if you lend your books to a classmate/friend and they damage or lose it you are responsible for the cost since it was checked out to you.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to report damages to the Media Center staff BEFORE checking out materials.
  • Students may log on to Destiny from any device with Internet Service using their current OCPS credentials. This will allow you to see what items you currently have checked out, when they are due, if they are overdue as well as if you have any obligations (fines).
  • A $0.05 per school day fine accrues on each overdue library book until the book/s have been returned. Excessive fines need to be taken care of in order to continue with regular checkout. If necessary, a payment plan can be worked out; have your parent or guardian contact the media specialist.
  • Damage to library books must be reported immediately and fines will be assessed based on the severity of the damage. Book damaged beyond repair or those that have been lost will be assessed the full amount of the item.

Student Book Renewals

  • Students who do not finish a book within the allotted two weeks may bring it in to the media center to renew it once for an additional two weeks as long as it isn't on hold for another student and as long as they don’t have any outstanding obligations.

Student Fines

  • Late library books will accrue a fine of $0.05 per day. Return overdue books promptly to avoid further fines.
  • Students with obligations may only check out 1 book at a time until the fine is paid. If excessive obligations are due the media center staff has the right not to check out any items to a student.
  • If a book is lost, the student must pay the publisher’s purchasing price.
  • If a book is damaged beyond repair, the student must pay the publisher's purchase price.
  • All fines/obligations must be settled before the end of the school year in order to receive report cards and schedules for the following school year.

Student ID Badge

Students who lose or misplace their ID cards MUST replace them since they MUST have them on campus each day. Their original one is issued for FREE. They should use last year’s ID Badge until the new ones have been created. Students may NOT come between classes to get a new ID. However, they may come before school, during lunch, after school or with a pass from their teacher after they have finished their classwork for the day. Replacement cost is $5.00 per loss.

Destiny: OPAC (Online Patron Access Catalog)

  • The Home Page has messages about what is going on in the Media Center, as well as a wealth of online resources to help you out in a variety of ways.
  • The Catalog tab enables you to find materials. You may search by title, author, subject, keyword or series. You do not need permission to use Destiny in the Media Center.
  • The “MY Info” tab shows you what materials you currently have checked out from LNMS, as well as any materials you owe to other OCPS schools. It also shows you if you have any overdue materials or if you owe any fines.
  • Sign in to Destiny using your student number and current OCPS password. 

Student Printing

  • Printing is allowed >only after the final product has been received by someone on the Media Center Staff.
  • Each black and white print page costs 10 cents.

Student Obligation/ Overdue Notices

  • At least once per grading period notices will be sent out via email to students. Students should take care of the obligations ASAP so that fines do NOT continue to accrue.
  • Parents, it is suggested that just like you check Progress Book on a regular basis, you should also have your child check their Destiny Account at least every 2 weeks. This will not only show you if they have outstanding obligations, but it will also show you if they have been checking out and hopefully reading new books throughout the school year.
  • In order to transfer schools, pick up report cards/FSA scores at the end of the year and pick up schedules at the beginning of the school year obligations need to be taken care of. Items will be held in the office until this has been taken care of. Obligations from other OCPS schools are noted in Destiny and will follow students all through high school unless they are taken care of.
  • Unpaid fines may result in a loss of extracurricular activities.

Student Textbook Policies

  • All textbooks are checked out through Destiny, the OCPS Management System, for the entire school year.
  • Textbooks are issued to all students.
  • It is strongly suggested that students write their names with ink on the inside front cover of the textbook in the space provided. Students can also logon to Destiny with their student number and OCPS password to check the barcodes of their textbooks. This is located under the Student Info tab.
  • Students are responsible for returning the textbooks that were checked out to them through Destiny when they arrived at Lake Nona Middle School. Therefore, students SHOULD NOT leave textbooks unattended at any time. They should also NOT be removing books from the classroom.
  • Classes will be scheduled to visit the Media Center during the last week of May or first week of June so that students could personally return their textbooks. Each textbook will be scanned as it is returned to the Media Center. If students transfer before this time they are required to return books to the Media Center prior to receiving transfer documentation for their new school.
  • The severity of the damage to textbooks will determine the fine. $1.00 will be assessed for damaged/missing barcodes. All damage should be reported immediately. Students who have misplaced a textbook should report to the media center to see if it has been turned in; if it hasn’t, the student is responsible for the cost of the book. Barcodes need to be recognizable at the time of return. 

According to Florida Statue 1006.42

Responsibility of students and parents for instructional materials

“(1) All instructional materials purchased under the provisions of this part are the property of the district school board. When distributed to the students, these instructional materials are on loan to the students while they are pursuing their courses of study and are to be returned at the direction of the school principal or the teacher in charge. Each parent of a student to whom or for whom instructional materials have been issued, is liable for any loss or destruction of, or unnecessary damage to, the instructional materials or for failure of the student to return the instructional materials when directed by the school principal or the teacher in charge, and shall pay for such loss, destruction, or unnecessary damage as provided by law.”

Policies are subject to change, so please review frequently