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Orange County Public Schools' library media programs are the hub of our schools and provide equitable access to resources that engage students in learning. Through promoting reading appreciation, teaching digital and information literacy skills, facilitating inquiry through both independent and collaborative learning, library media programs contribute to ensuring that every student has a promising and successful future.

Media Center Staff

Collection Development Procedures

Orange County Public Schools' collection development procedures are documented on School Board Policy IJL - Library Materials Selection and Adoption. Library media materials, whether purchased or donated, are selected by a school district employee who holds a valid educational media specialist certificate. Our school’s collection development plan can be accessed using the link below:

Library Catalog

Orange County Public Schools uses Follett Destiny’s Library Management System to catalog all materials maintained in the school library media center. The Destiny Library Catalog can be accessed by hovering over the Media Center tab on this website and selecting the “Destiny Library Catalog” option from the dropdown menu.

The public has access to search any school’s library catalog for available titles. The brief video below demonstrates how to search a school’s library catalog.

Spanish Video  

Additional library media materials can be accessed through the following links or on LaunchPad.

Classroom Libraries

Our school's classroom libraries are available to the public at the link below and may be searched by title or author.

Classroom Libraries

Our school's classroom libraries are available to the public at the link below and may be searched by title or author.

Instructional Materials

A list of all instructional materials, including those materials used to provide instruction required by Section 1003.42, Florida Statutes, are linked below.

All supplemental instructional materials, purchased by the school or district, are linked below:

School and Grade-Level Reading Lists

A list of all materials required as part of a school or grade-level reading lists are accessible below.
  • Villanueva, 6th Grade ELA- The Phantom Tollbooth, A Long Walk to Water
  • Watson, 6th Grade ELA- “ Black Ships Before Troy, The Story of the Iliad”
  • Crader, 8th Grade ELA- The Lightning Thief
  • Kral, 8th grade ELA- Night 
  • Madden, Gifted ELA- Grade 6-The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt
                                  Grade 7-Tangerine by Edward Bloor
                                  Grade 8-Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
  • Buigas Lopez, 8th Grade ELA- Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (graphic novel)
  • Sabatino Thomas, 7th Grade ELA- The Outsiders 
  • DeJesus, 6th grade ELA- Treasure Island, Summer of the Mariposas
  • Espino, 7th Grade ELA- The Outsiders
  • Santos, 7th Grade ELA- The Outsiders
  • Pingol, 7th Grade ELA- The Outsiders
  • Smith, 7th Grade ELA- The Outsiders
  • Klein, 6th Grade ELA- Flipped 

Classroom Library Lists

A list of all materials, specifically books, available for students to borrow and read at their leisure are accessible below.
  • Classroom Library Lists are available via Beanstack in the student and parent Launchpad portal.  Each teacher whom has a classroom library has their titles listed in the Beanstack Classroom Library.