End of School Year Information

End of School Information

*Property Return Schedule:
(Property includes textbooks, library books, classroom books, musical instruments, chorus and band uniforms, and athletic team uniforms)

*8th Grade- Monday, May 18 & Tuesday, May 19
*7th Grade- Wednesday, May 20 & Thursday, May 21
*6th Grade- Friday, May 22 & Tuesday, May 16th
****Makeups- Wednesday, May 27
All times are 9-1

*All students will keep their OCPS laptops throughout the summer. Canvas courses will be available throughout the summer to view content, but not for posting or turning in any material. Students can see all course content in their Past Courses section of the dashboard.
The Student Body Course will continue to be a source of information.

*Withdrawing Students:
-Call the school at 407-858-5522 to schedule an appointment to complete paperwork and return items.
-Laptops, chargers, and hotspots (if applicable) need to be returned at withdrawal.

*Summer Opportunities:
-All curriculum areas are gathering suggested activities for students to voluntarily participate in throughout the summer. Check your Canvas courses for those upcoming posts.
-Summer Reading is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! The LNMS Media Canter will be posting reading opportunities throughout the summer, including a scheduling site for students to request books and come pick up at the front office! Be on the lookout for all kinds of information SOON!

Summer Reading Flyer.pdf