Soccer Season Comes to an End

Soccer Season Comes to an End
Posted on 08/13/2018

Sometimes, in the game of sports we get wrapped up in the wins and losses columns. However, we must realize it's not just about playing the game you love, but it's about the everlasting friendships made, the memories, and the lessons learned throughout every season. 

Our boys soccer season came to an end Wednesday night after a very tough loss to Freedom Middle School. Through the entire game and a five minute overtime, the score was tied at 0-0. We went on to penalty kicks to determine the winner, but we came up short, only making 2 penalty kicks to their 4. The Panthers win 1-0 in PK's moving on to the final four. Even though it was an extremely hard loss for our Knights, the highlight of the season was in the last minutes of the game when CJ Gilmore was running ahead of the ball and says to his teammate Asael Sterwart, "Pasame la bola!"! 

His teammates on the bench all looked at each other, repeated what he said and immediately starting laughing. I must admit I almost fell to the ground when I heard our english speaker so fluently speaking spanish during such an intense part of the game. Needless to say, Sterwart understood him and actually passed him the ball. You have to love it when sports brings different cultures together and brings out the best in us. We are extremely proud of our gentlemen and want to thank Coach Jones and Coach Cruz for an amazing season!

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