Winter Testing Schedule


During the Winter assessment window, which opens in December, students enrolled in courses with one of the following 3 assessments, must complete the associated exam: Semester 1 CFE, i-Ready, and PMA. In the interest of creating a testing environment that will allow students the amount of time needed to complete the assessment without interruption, we will implement a block schedule for the week of December 7th.

Please review the schedule below with your child, specifically noting the days where there is a change in the normal bell schedule. Direct all questions and inquires to Roxanne Gill, Testing Coordinator, [email protected]

Testing Schedule

Winter Testing: December 7-11, 2020

As part of the mid-year progress monitoring system, students will participate in the i-Ready Reading & Math diagnostics and the Quarter 2 PMA for Algebra, Civics, Geometry, Grade 7 Science, and/or Grade 8 Science.  

LaunchEd students will be taking these assessments at home through an online testing portal in Launchpad. If your child is unable to complete the assessment at home, and requires an accommodation of testing on campus, please fill out the registration form found at:

Form to register
by Friday, November 20, 2020. Submissions after November 20th will not be accepted. Once the registration process closes, a formal invite with specifics for testing on campus will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

Our school will follow the COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures during the visit. As a reminder, students should stay home if sick, someone in the home is sick, or if he/she has recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19.

If you have any questions related to this test administration, you may contact Roxanne Gill at [email protected]

Thank you for supporting your student to do their best.